“I heard from many of my friends who attended.  They really like the way the food line was conducted, with people directing them to areas so they could get their food.  Even with the long line, I didn’t hear any complaints, and heard only good things about the food.

People also really like the transportation vans from Building 500 (the main hospital building) to the event.  The vans arrived with not too many people, so the wristband line went fairly quickly.  It was great to finally have the Sea Cadets form two lines to steer people to the gift bags too.

I hear untold numbers of comments regarding the very kind, helpful and smiling people who assisted in any way they could with whatever needed to be done.  As the sister of a Vietnam Veteran, I really appreciated the comments from the person who made them.  I tried to greet our Vietnam Vets  with a smile, handshake and an expression of thanks for their service and the usual “Welcome Home” which I say to all of them if at all possible.

As a first-timer, I was so honored to be a part of something that I know everyone looks forward to and enjoys to the fullest.  And I hope to continue for many years to come!

Thanks to all for your kindness to a “newbie” whose enthusiasm and care for Veterans knows no boundaries.

Every one of you Rock!!  And you rocked the hearts of all of our Heroes and their
families !!”

Proudly serving our Nation’s most deserving Heroes,

Julie Stranges, Lead Volunteer

VA GLA Sepulveda Campus

Voluntary Service Office


“Hello! My name is James S. Jacobs and I just want to tell you that me and my fellow veterans had the time of their lives! That was an indelible moment in-which I’ll cherish until the end of time. It was very well organized, professional and with a great deal of diligence. I savored every bite of food, because it was very well prepared and left a good taste in my mouth for the rest of that evening!!!!! The entertainment very sensitive and really, really nice!! I enjoyed all of the festivities and was so pleased with how great of a time I had throughout the day!!!! The band had so many people up dancing, clapping, smiling and just having a great time… At times I got a bit teary eyed, but being a Marine, I had to play it off, but in the end you just can’t hold back true emotions, no matter how hard you try!!!  God bless everyone who contributed to this outstanding event!!!! And I wish everyone well in all of their endeavor’s AMEN!!!!!!!….”

James S. Jacobs, United States Marine


Listen to a voicemail from Vietnam Veteran – Edward Collins



“I am a Vietnam War veteran and I have had a very hard life since Vietnam so when you folks put together an event like the Veterans’ Holiday Celebration for us, it really is appreciated. We appreciate it a lot more than you can imagine. The food was great and delicious! When Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa performed, I was so happy because they are three of my favorite people in the world. I am 60 years old and 100% service-connected for PTSD and other medical problems and because there isn’t much that makes me very happy these days, seeing these guys and all that you and the wonderful volunteers that helped put this event together, well, that makes me extremely grateful to be an American and proud to have served in United States Army fighting for our free land.”

Thank you and God bless you all in all ways always!


Joaquin Ticonderoga, Sr.


“December 5, 2010 will be my fourth attendance of the Veterans Holiday Celebration. I am a veteran, served in the US Navy during the Vietnam era, as an illustrator draftsman. I look forward to this event each year.  I leave with the experience of having a great time, the entertainment, Jim Belushi & the Band and his generosity, Bella Donna, and the food is wonderful. As a veteran, I am so appreciative to all who have made this event possible. Bravo to you all.”
As always, thank you for this annual gift.

Phyllis Miller, Service Officer/Project Coordinator
American Legion Post #322