Dear VHC community,


            The Veteran’s Holiday Celebration (VHC) had a vision, even in its’ earliest days, to find a way to unite the city of Los Angeles, its citizens, and its’ Veteran population. The humble efforts of a few good willed men ignited a joyous celebration each holiday season through comradery, amazing food, home grown talent, unabashed gratitude and service. 

            We have created a community of creative and giving volunteers, loyal and patriotic performers and artists, unwavering and extremely generous business associations, and supportive government agencies all committed to excellence and giving. This has allowed the organization to produce a generation of memories for all who attended or participated. 

            The past year was our 25th Anniversary and has been an evolution of change which has tested the mettle of our organization. Due to several last moment changes and our commitment to our past and present Military community and their families, we relocated our event and its production to El Monte. This put our devoted community in the dark. I apologize for our failure to adequately communicate. The outcome was equally transformative—we were able to establish our holiday event and provide VHC hospitality to over 1,200 active-duty personnel and their families. 

            As we move forward, we have gained new partnerships and are working on expanding our commitment to give our veterans and active-duty military, along with their families, the very best that the Los Angeles Community has to offer. We will once again be hosting our marque event on the 1st week of December 2018, in the West Los Angeles VA Campus. 

            We welcome your talent and commitment as we build towards this year’s event and towards a lasting legacy for the future generations and their families. We encourage your much-appreciated contributions on how we can best honor our active-duty and veterans while making it a rewarding experience for you, our invaluable volunteers and gracious donors.



                                    With Gratitude,

                                                   John Powers                                                                                                                                   

2018 VHC President