Veterans Holiday Celebration - Board of Directors

Phil Banos - Board President

Phil is a volunteer, a veteran, former U.S. Army, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), B Company. A disabled vet from a night jump injury, he can personally relate to the many veterans who are homeless and jobless, and knows that there is redeeming light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. He is proud to be an advocate for his fellow veterans, and VHC offers valuable information to assist our deserving veterans.

John Lockett - Board Emeritus

Chaplain Dov - Board Emeritus

1962-1966 USAF, Jewish Chaplain, Vietnam War, now in 55th year of chaplaincy;

Founder, The DOV Foundation;

Chairman, Veterans Holiday Celebration; read more

Vice President, LA National Cemetery Support Foundation; 

CA State Chaplain, Jewish War Veterans of United States; 

Commander, Tibor Rubin JWV Post #786; Founder, Veterans in Prison (VIP Post #1) California Institution for Women;

Founder, Veterans in Prison (VIP Post #2, #3 & #4)

California Institution for Men;

Chairman, CA JWV “Gift for a Yank” 

Chairman Emeritus, LA County ACCESS Paratransit.

Greg Telle - Chariman Emeritus

I`d like to tell you a story about an important cause and event I have been involved with for 22 years, and why I feel it is so worthy and important. read more

Back in 1995, I graduated from a course called the Sterling Men`s Weekend Course. As a result, I was invited to join a “men`s team”, which I did. One of the activities our team was invited to was a Veteran`s Holiday Celebration party that was being held on the grounds of the West LA VA in the first week of December.

What I saw that cool, foggy December evening will stay with me the rest of my life. That was the third year the VHC event had occurred, and it was staged at the old Brentwood Theater at the top of the hill.  Slowly, as night fell, I saw men and women in wheelchairs being wheeled up the hill toward the theater by others in military garb, heavy coats, and even some pajamas!

Because of the fog, the image of these wounded warriors showing up felt surreal. I had never seen anything like it. I stayed there with the veterans well into that night. That was the beginning of a long term relationship with both the VHC and the brave heroes that have served our country. I`ve been involved every year since then in this humbling opportunity to honor our heroes.

We served hot meals and entertainment to over 300 veterans that evening. The gratitude and appreciation in the faces and through their words was evident.

That`s why I`m reaching out to you, my friends and family, to share in the joy of honoring these heroes by donating to the cause. You can do this as a one-time donation here, or a recurring amount.

It`s easy, and the vets will again be honored with over 5,000 hot home cooked meals served, first rate entertainment including Jim Belushi and The Sacred Hearts Band, and an individually assembled gift bag with items useful to them every day.

Chairman Emeritus and Founder
Barry Gershenson

Chairman Emeritus 
John Hutsler

Chairman Emeritus
Gary Weiss