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This event started 25 years ago during the holiday season, when a group of men wanted to make a difference in the lives of Veterans at the WLA Veterans facility.

These men found that many Veterans had nowhere to go and no one to celebrate the holidays with.  They quickly discovered that food, appreciation and entertainment were paramount to these men.   With turkey dinners in hand, they were able to create an evening of gratitude and love for the 30 veterans they served.

The Veterans' Holiday Celebration has since grown to serving over 3,500 vets and Active Duty Service Members and their families this past year.  

Mission Statement
Bringing our community together to honor those men and women of the Armed Forces, who have preserved the gift of freedom, through a day celebrating friendship, food and giving.

The Veterans’ Holiday Celebration Inc. creates an environment of caring, nurturing, honoring, and love for all Veterans to celebrate their commitment, dedication, and service to our country.

We are building a future where Veterans across the USA will have a place of honor to be embraced, acknowledged, and welcomed by their communities, where food, music, laughter, and fun will be our language from the heart. 

We envision a country where all Veterans are cherished today, regardless of the political climates or public judgments they had to endure during their time of service.

Board Members
President - Chaplain Dov
Greg Telle - Chairman Emeritus
Gary Weiss - Chairman
Julie Stranges - Corresponding Secretary
John Hutsler - Treasurer
Rick Leonard - Board Member
Darin Black - Board Member
Ara Donakan - Board Member
Andrew Crane - Board Member
Beni Monaco - Board Member 



VHC Event Article 2009 - Singular Magazine

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